Vitafibre Protein Cookies


Recently I’ve been experimenting with vitafibre powder and I’ve discovered that simmering a few scoops of it in a pan with a little water will actually result in turning it from powder into syrup.

Here’s the basic recipe:


  • 70g vitafibre powder.
  • 50g your favourite whey.
  • 30mls water.


Add the vitafibre powder in a small pan on a low heat.

Add the 30 mls water  and start to whisk the mixture to combine.

Keep whisking until to mixture turns from cloud to a clear syrup.

Add your whey to a separate bowl.

Pour the syrup into the whey quickly mix to combine into a rough dough.

Shape the dough into the shape required.

Add any additional toppings and bake at 180ºC for about 10 minute.

Allow the cookies to cook before serving.

Macros for a batch:




  1. How do you calculate those macros? As I know there’s a lot of confusion with net carbs etc of vitafibre. I’m just about to use this recepie now jist wondering how should I add it into mfp?

  2. Hi, I’d also like to know about the carbs in this. I have to assume that the packaging for Vitafiber isn’t accurate.

    1. They don’t include fibre in the carbs, because it’s non or only partially digested so the carbs listed are “active carbs”
      Active carbs + fibre = the right number of calories

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