The Beltsander Brownie



Beltsander brownie:

This is the original recipe for the Beltsander brownie


25g scoop of any flavour whey protein (chocolate works best)
10g Cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
Enough almond milk to for a stiff batter (any milk will work just as good)

•mix the dry ingredients together in a large mug, add the milk and stir to form a thick paste

•Microwave on full power for about 90 seconds (microwave times will vary)

•That’s it. (It’s literally that simple) enjoy



  1. If I don’t use chocolate flavor powder and the cocoa doesn’t jive well with taste, would it totally destroy the recipe to not have the cocoa? Seems too simple to bake just milk, protein, and baking powder…?

    1. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you, I’ve never tried with anything other than whey or casein . And it doesn’t seem to work with casein. My advice:
      Give it a go, if it fails it’ll still be edible.

  2. Tried these today with Isolate. Great idea although with the Isolate they come out a bit dry. Any ideas on how to stop this? Would it be a case of just overcooking or because the isolate doesn’t have any carbs or fat in?

    (Tried it with Hydrolised Collagen Protein and it just didn’t work at all).

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