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*this is an ebook, all weights are metric


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The Beltsander’s Cookbook Volume 1.

My eBook contains a straightforward guide on IIFYM (if it fits your macros), how to figure out your daily requirements and how to go about tracking them. This is an optional extra and you can choose whether or not to follow the system.

It also has 29 delicious, simple, macro friendly recipes using easy to source ingredients with the nutritional information and macro breakdown for each meal displayed. There’s ideas for breakfast, entrees and desserts.

I’ve even included step by step guides to diet friendly pizza and pie making along some simple macro friendly salad dressings to put an end to boring ass salads.





Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 17.50.59

Learn about macros, how to set your personal targets and eat what you want  (within reason) with the flexible diet approach.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 17.37.24

The ultimate protein pancakes,

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 17.37.45

Ideas for salad dressings,

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 17.38.15

Pizzas that won’t won’t wreak your macros,

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 17.38.41

Step by step guides to cakes,

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 17.39.09


Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 18.08.08

and more


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  1. Hi 🙂
    Please tell me how to buy the book. Im not very good with internet shopping so can anyone explain me the easiest way to get the book?
    Thanks in advance 😉

    1. Hi,

      If you press the Add to cart button it will bring you to the payment screen. (It’s pretty straightforward from there)

      After payment you’ll receive a link that allows you to download it.

      If you have any issues don’t hesitate to email me. You’ll find my address in the about box at the top.


  2. Hi Belt,

    I bought your book in the fall but have since lost the link since I got a new phone. There’s not a “sign in” option that allows me to log back into my purchase. How do I see the ebook again?

  3. Hiya, I just purchased and downloaded the book, but when I try to open it I get an error message saying it can’t be opened?! 🙁

    1. Hi,

      Bear with me and i’ll email you a fresh link now,
      Any further issues, just let me know.

      I’ll send it to the email address on the paypal invoice.
      (not the one above)

      Let me know if you need me to send it to the other address


          1. Yep! All good, thanks again. I think it’s partly just Android being stupid – if other people have the same problem they might want to try opening it from the File Commander folder rather than from downloads. For some reason this worked better for me!

  4. Hi Belt,
    When I tried to download the book after buying it, it says that the link has expired and wont let me download it?

  5. Hi I’ve paid for the book though paypal and I have the receipt but haven’t got a email confirming it and don’t know how to open it now?!

  6. Hi there. I bought your book a while back and we are loving it. From hubby to 3 fussy kids it’s defiantly a winner in our household! Thanks heaps. Can’t wait for the next. 👍🏼

    1. Hi Bethany,

      Can I ask that you check your spam folder? I sometimes end up in there.
      If thats not the case, then let me know and i’ll send you a fresh link myself.


  7. i bought the cookbook through paypal but cant find the email link to download the book, what can I do??

    1. Hi

      I couldn’t see the transaction on paypal, do you know if you used the same email address as the one above?
      or around what date you purchased so I can resend the link?


  8. Hi I’ve just bought the book but when I open the link and click to download it gives an error message? I am using an iPad not sure if that makes any difference? Thanks, Mary

    1. Hi,

      It should work no problem on iPad.
      I think the link has probably just expired.
      Ive just sent you a fresh link but if you do have anymore trouble, just let me know.


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