My bar pro caramel craze flavour

Appearance: 🔹larger then most at 88g but I did notice the actual bar was much smaller then the packaging would suggest. There’s a lot of empty wrapper going on. These have a chocolate coating with a strip, a thick nougat centre, full size peanuts and a really thick caramel layer.

Texture🔹: Awesome the caramel layer is thick (probably the thickest I’ve ever had on a protein bar, the chocolate cracked when you bite it, the peanuts add a crunch and the nought had the right amount of chew.

Taste🔹: Seriously good. The chocolate coating is good and the caramel is seriously good. The full sized peanuts add a nice element.(chocolate bar status)




Carbs:33 (fibre:1)



I was expecting a much worse macro split but that’s not bad at all. Perhaps a little low on fibre for some but they did manage to keep the sugar to a minimum the 30g protein (when was the last time you got 30g from a protein bar?) coming from a whey concentrate / hydrate blend.

Apart from being a little over the average in terms of calories (which is understandable given their size) and the fact they didn’t include peanut in the name (odd now a days given the fact people have allergies) it’s difficult to find anything bad to say about these. I noticed these oven unbaked which gives them an awesome homemade feel to them.


You will not be disappointed.

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