The Beltsander’s Desserts only Cookbook

*this is an ebook, all weights are metric

Lets be honest, we all love a dessert, but desserts are traditionally so calorie dense that they end up being something we only enjoy very occasionally. This book aims to lift that restriction by giving you 27 brand new macro friendly dessert ideas that can be enjoyed daily regardless of your nutritional goals.

Like with the previous book, the recipes in this one is filled easy to make, with easy to source ingredients (there is nothing in here that you won’t already own or at least will know of) and above all taste amazing. Thats the number one goal.

I’ll also be reintroducing the scannable barcodes for my fitness pal for stress free macro tracking due to their popularity in the last book and this time I’ll also be including proper nutritional lables (similar to what you would find on any product in a supermarket or store). So you’ll easily be able to find information on sodium, sugar and cholesterol for every recipe.

Every book comes with a Bulk Powders discount code made just for the book that can be used in any  Bulk powders store worldwide to redeem 20% off anything from the site excluding bundles and offers. So if you find your missing any ingredients you’ll be able to pick some up cheaper. Consider it a perk for supporting me.

The book contains everything from:

A macro friendly substitute for Nutella.

Quick and easy to make, high protein Panna Cottas,

An out of this world tasting Protein pizookie,

Desserts that cleverly pack 1 of your 5 a day.

Simple to make crepes,

Chocolate chip blondies like you’ve never tasted before,

Creme brûlées that pack more protein then fat,

From Oreos,

To tiramisu waffle stacks,

Even a low calorie doughnut recipe.


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