USN Low carb protein deluxe. Chocolate brownie flavour.

Appearance: 🔹Feels slightly larger than 60g these have a chocolate coating, caramel layer, crispy bits and nought like centre.

Texture🔹: While the caramel is nice and sticky that bottom layer is just far too tough. It’s not that thick that it ruins the bar but it gives the whole texture an unappealing rubbery feel.

Taste🔹: The chocolate coating is good and the caramel is good but outside of that there’s not a lot going on that tough nought centre is also quite bland.




Carbs:28 (fibre:4)



Macro split isn’t great and their a bit calorie/ carb heavy for 367kcals and that bottom layer is just plain awful.

If feels a bit like USN tried to make their own version of a carb killa and while they’ve nailed certain elements like the a others such as texture and macros are way off the mark. Bizarrely writing low carb on the wrapper when they’re 28g per bar isn’t really helping either and when you consider some garb killas are half that amount…. 6/10

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