Nokia body cardio scale review:

Daily weigh in’s can become a monotonous task. Jump on, remember the number and log it somewhere using an app etc. If you’re anything like me you’ll all to often forget the number you seen at 5:30am that morning when you finally do think to track it on your chosen app.

This is where a WiFi enabled scale comes in. It’s meant to take the job off you by automatically recording your weight and sending it to the Nokia app making the whole task effortless.

This is Nokia’s flagship body cardio scale. It does a lot more then just track your bodyweight. It also gives you a reading for body fat percentage, stored water, muscle mass, bone mass, standing heart rate and even a weather update for the day.

It also utilities a fairly new technology called pulse wave velocity.

It uses your standing heart-rate measurement and provides a way to monitor your overall cardiovascular health alongside your weight. The scales will also measures other data such as your muscle mass, body-fat percentage. Much more then your average scale.


My first impressions out of the box is the weight. This thing is super heavy for a weighing scale. It’s clear that they’ve obviously packed a lot of technology into a small space. All the precise metal and glass makes this feel more like a good quality smart phone then of a weighing scale.

The display is bright and clear and it comes with its own charging cable to charge the scale from a USB outlet. (Yup, no changing the batteries here) Overall the design is sleek and modern, as far as scales go this is quite an attractive one.


Download the mobile app, create a profile and you’re ready to go. All the information the scale collects is sent over WiFi to your phone and broken down into graphs. I’ve been using the software for a while now and I love it, It works flawlessly. You can create several profiles for family members and the scale is smart enough to tell who has stepped on it. It even has a baby mode that knows when your holding your little one and subtracts your weight from theirs.

Step on the scale and it’ll quickly run through all the various measures:

Weight, and your weight trend,

Body fat %

Muscle mass %

Bone mass %

Body water %


Heart rate,

Pulse wave velocity

And finally a  weather update

The big selling point of the Body Cardio is its Pulse Wave Velocity measurement. This is designed to gauge your arterial health. The idea is that your heart generates a “pressure wave” along your arteries, and the speed of this is an indicator of your overall cardiovascular health.

The speed is calculated by measuring the time difference between blood being ejected by the aorta in the heart and its arrival at your feet. I can’t see it being something that going to be appealing to everyone or even something you would need to measure on a daily basis.

What I did find to be super useful was muscle, fat, water split. If you’re bulking it provides you with extra peace of mind when your weight starts to increase. You’ll be able to tell if you’re gaining muscle or fat. And those days when your weight spikes, you’ll be able to tell when it’s water weight. Its hugely reassuring.

All in all this is a seriously advanced piece of equipment that comes with an equally serious price tag. Whether or not its worth the investment will depend entirely on the individual.  If like me you’re  bit if a health nerd, you are going to love it.


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