PhD diet whey bar. Dark chocolate mocha flavour.

Appearance: 🔹 These are about regular size, 60g. Dark chocolate coating with a layer of crispy bits, a creamy coffee layer and nought like chewy centre and peanut pieces.

Texture🔹: Good crunch from the crispiest and a really nice dense chewy texture. It’s not a chore to chew, they’ve managed to hit the sweet spot with these.

Taste🔹: Really good dark chocolate coating with a nice creaminess to the top layer. The coffee flavour comes through well, it’s on the subtle side but it works. The i




Carbs:20 (fibre:9.7)



Nicely balances macro split, good ingredients list, great flavour and awesome texture. PhD have really upped their game with these. It’s nice to see them using milk protein instead of cheaper forms like collagen as in previous bars.

It’s a bit of shame they named them diet whey bars and added unnecessary ingredients such as L-Carnitine (for the fat burning 😐) to make them more appealing to the dieting market. These are so good they didn’t need it.


Surprising gem. Worth trying

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