Protein Dynamax staxx cookies and cream bar.

Appearance: 🔹 These are fairly thick and about regular size, at a guess I’d say 60g. Dark chocolate coating with plenty of cookie pieces along with puffed rice.

Texture🔹: Great crunch from the cookie / puffed rice coating the centre has a really nice dense chew to it like nought. It’s a really nice blend of textures.

Taste🔹: Seriously good the dark chocolate coating is spot on and the centre has a nice creaminess to it. The two pair perfectly. There also the right amount of sweet, it’s clear that somebody knows what their doing with this one.




Carbs:20 (fibre:5)



Its a seriously good bar. Macros are good and they also managed to keep the sugar low.

Dense, chocolate and creamy is a good combination. We’re talking chocolate bar standard here.


Staxx are fast becoming my favourite bars on the market grenade should be worried….

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