Staxx bar peanut and caramel

Appearance: 🔹 These are fairly thick and about regular size, 60g. Milk chocolate coating with plenty of puffed and peanut pieces.

Texture🔹: Very crunchy initially. The centre has a great chew to it, not too much that it’s hard work but just enough to make it satisfying to eat.

Taste🔹: Seriously good. The chocolate coating is spot on, the peanut flavour comes through but it’s pretty subtle.




Carbs:18 (fibre:4)



All in all it’s a good macro split, low sugar given the great taste and not overloaded with fibre.

All the elements are spot on with these and their definitely a satisfying bar, I found the peanut flavour to be a little lacking but Its a minor complaint given how good these are.


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