Grenade coconut chaos protein flapjack.

Appearance: 🔹larger than average at 70g these are a flapjack style oat bar with dried coconut throughout.

Texture🔹:very soft and crumbly. Doesn’t get too dry but just the right amount. There’s also a nice chew from the coconut pieces.

Taste🔹: Really good, sweet but the subtle oat flavour still comes through well. The coconut is subtle more like a background flavour.




Carbs:43 (fibre:7.7)



Macro split is where flapjacks usually tend to fall down and these are no exception. While the split isn’t awful it’s unlikely these will ever reach the same level of popularity as the grenade bars with 14g of dat and 8g sugar per bar.

It’s worth mentioning that these are designed as a post workout snack and the macro split does reflect that. Overall their a decent flapjack and worth a go if you have the macros.


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