My bar pro death by chocolate

Appearance: 🔹 These are preset big fat beyond average sized chocolate coating with a fudgy centre.

Texture🔹: Super fudgy like a good cake of brownie. The top layer is soft and Fondant like. The bottom layer doesn’t break down as quick and had a great stick to your teeth quality.

Taste🔹: seriously good. The chocolate coating is spot on and there’s a strong chocolate flavour throughout, no synthetic flavours at all.




Carbs:33 (fibre:1)



These are a serious protein bar. But at 340kcal their sailing close to meal replacement territory rather then a snack and 13g of fat won’t please everyone but they did keep the carbs pretty low without plowing it full of fibre and sugar.

Ingredients are good also, protein coming from a whey isolate, concentrate combination. I also noticed it says on their packaging that their oven baked which gives them a nice cake like feel.


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