My bar salted caramel peanut crunch.

Appearance: 🔹 These are a bit on the small side at 55g they have a chocolate coating with an aesthetic stripe at crow the top, a nougat like centre and some peanut pieces visible throughout.

Texture🔹:Good, it has a nice crumbly texture but also a bit of a chew to it, peanut pieces add a nice crunch too.

Taste🔹:really good. Very sweet overall, the peanut flavour comes through really well as does the caramel and the chocolate coating is spot on. Very snickers bar.




Carbs:17 (fibre:1)



Ingredients are pretty good with the protein coming from a whey isolate/ concentrate blend. I also noticed their oven baked which explains the awesome crumbly texture.

It’s a really solid choice overall. It manages to get all the essentials correct but their tiny size will leave some feeling unsatisfied.


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