Fitjoy chocolate peanut butter flavour.

Appearance: 🔹 Pretty average sized bar at 60g. These have a dense fudgy centre topped with a scattering of peanut pieces. There 3/4 coated in chocolate (I’m guessing they don’t fully coat it to keep it under the 220 kcal threshold)

Texture🔹: pretty tough initially and it takes a bit too much chewing to break it down. Not awful but not great either. The peanuts on top do give a nice crunch and add a little contrast.

Taste🔹:It’s a bit odd. It’s sweet but it’s a bit over sweetened. While the chocolate coating isn’t bad there’s just not enough of it and it gets overpowered by the sweetness of the centre. In short there’s not much of a chocolate flavour going on and not a whole lot of peanut either.




Carbs:24 (fibre:12)



Ingredients are actually pretty good with the protein coming from a whey isolate/ milk isolate blend.

But it’s definitely been over sweetened and it actually gave my tongue a weird fizzing sensation. (A sure fire sign of too much sweetener)

Why they felt the need to pile stevia into these even though they’re already using 5g of sugar is beyond me.



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