Battleoats cherry bakewell flavour.

Appearance: 🔹 pretty large at 70g these are a flapjack style bar with a pretty generous amount of large white chocolate chips and. dried cherries throughout.

Texture🔹: Really good, they have an initial crunch, their crumbly and whenever you hit a cherry you get a nice chew. Really nice blend. They also don’t get overly dry like a lot of flapjacks.

Taste🔹: Also good. The bar itself has a smooth buttery taste similar to a good flapjack, the cherries are spot on and the white chocolate chunks also hit the spot. They certainly nail the bakewell vibe.




Carbs:25 (fibre:15)



Macrowise these are pretty heavy for a bar but then again flapjacks tend to be that way.

13g fat and 16g sugar certainly won’t please everyone but besides that these bars have very few failings.

They manage to have a great homemade feel to them and it’s apparent why when you consider the ingredients list: salted butter (that’s the butter taste I picked out) oats, soy isolate, dried cherries.

It’s worth mentioning that @battleoats got in contact with me a while back offering bars for review purposes and then promptly pulled out. So I really was fearing the worst with these but credit where it’s due these are damn good choice.


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