Kettle and barbells coconut-choco.


Appearance: 🔹Pretty small at 55g these come with a layer fried coconut on the top, and a fudgy center.

Texture🔹: the coconut pieces do give a little contrast and they do have a nice dense fudgy chew. Maybe just a bit of the tough side though.

Taste🔹: The chocolate coating is good and the centre is sweet but similar to the other barbells flavour I tried these came across a little bland. Not bad but just a little one dimensional and uninspiring.

Carbs:15 (fibre:8.7)

Really good macro split but this bar is again slightly let down by its lack of flavour. It’s just too bland. It’s a lot like and old school protein bar with a scattering of coconut across the top. I don’t think there’s been much thought out in here.

The ingredients list is good, nothing too worrying they don’t necessarily get anything wrong and these are unlikely to upset anyone but there’s just so many better options out there.


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