BPI sports Best protein bar, white chocolate pretzel.

Appearance: 🔹Quite a large bar at 69g this one has a dense chewy centre with a good scattering of pretzel pieces and white chocolate half coating.

Texture🔹: Initially it’s super tough. It does brake down very quickly to a softer chew and also allows to pick out the crunchy pretzel pieces. It’s a bit of weird one. I don’t dislike it but it’s not going to please everyone.

Taste🔹: The white chocolate is creamy and sweet but the centre has been over sweetened just slightly too much and the bar has a weird taste to it as a result.




Carbs:32 (fibre:15)



This bar has lots of issues : that texture initially is pretty grim, the macro split will be a little carb heavy for some and they’re far too sweet but credit where it’s due they packed loads of pretzels in and the coating is pretty good.

Above all it’s refreshing to see a company trying something new so bonus points for that. It’s worth trying if you’re a pretzel fan that’s sick of the run of the mill “chocolate, peanut” protein bars.


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