QNT Hooray bar

Appearance: 🔹 Fairly large bar for 60g the packaging looks a bit shady and slogans such as “Reduced in sugar” and “fibre plus” slapped across the front aren’t helping. Loads of Rice Krispies wrapped in a thin chocolate coating.

Texture🔹: There’s a great crunch initially from all the crispies but combined with that thin coating this bar gets really dry really quick. Not great overall.

Taste🔹:There’s not an awful lot going on here in terms of flavour. There’s a slight sweetness from the chocolate coating but that’s about it.




Carbs:15.9 (fibre:8.7)



Credit where it’s due, that’s not a bad macro split but this bar is really let down by how bland it is overall.

The ingredients list isn’t bad but for such a simple looking bar there’s a huge amount of ingredients and E numbers. The protein comes entirely from soy but these still aren’t suitable for vegetarians (I’m not entirely sure why)

I’m actually struggling to find anything else to write about this one because it’s so one dimensional and bland.


If you’re the type who enjoys eating fist fulls of dry Rice Krispies straight out of the box than this is for you.

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