Fulfil chocolate orange flavour.

Appearance: 🔹regular sized bar at 55g. These have a chocolate coating with a layer of cookie crispy bits across the top.

Texture🔹: You get a nice crunch initially from the cookies and the centre has a nice chew to it. But sadly no jelly like layer as the picture on the wrapper would suggest.

Taste🔹: The chocolate coating is good and the centre is sweet. The orange flavour comes through well and doesn’t come across as artificial. Not quite Terry’s chocolate orange level but seriously good.




Carbs:19 (fibre:0.3)



One thing fulfil do really well i flavour. The Orange comes through really well, pairs nicely the chocolate and doesn’t overpower it.

The ingredients list is really good. Impressively they used candied orange peel to help flavour the bar. You don’t see a lot of manufacturers take it to that level.

I did really enjoy theses and while I am aware their not actually called Jaffa cake flavour, the photo of Jaffa cakes on the front had me expecting a typical Jaffa, jelly type layer. So slightly disappointed on that front.


Definitely worth trying if you a Terrys fan.

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