Barbells cookies and cream.

Appearance: 🔹Pretty small at 55g these come with a layer of puffed rice on the top, cookie pieces underneath and a fudgy center.

Texture🔹: you get a nice crunch initially from the rice and cookie pieces and then a nice dense fudgy chew. It’s a nice blend, really good stuff.

Taste🔹: The chocolate coating is good and the centre is sweet I felt that these came across a little bland. Not bad just a little on the bland side overall




Carbs:16 (fibre:8.7)



Really good macro split but this bar is slightly let down by its lack of flavour. It just feels like it’s missing something to bring from good to great. It’s a shame because it nails pretty much every other element.

The ingredients list is good, nothing too worrying. The protein is listed as milk protein. On the whole it’s a fairly inoffensive little protein bar thats unlikely to cause upset but equally al unlikely to wow many people.


This is the only one I’ve tried but it’s possible other flavours are a lot better.

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