My bar, confetti cake crunch.

Appearance: 🔹 About average size bar at 55g these have a white coating with a pink stripe across the top. A dense cake like centre and some massive sprinkles throughout, seriously there’s loads of them.

Texture🔹: Great crack from the thick coating on biting. These are crumbly with a nice chew and the abundance of giant sprinkles give great crunch throughout the bar. Really enjoyable.

Taste🔹: Really good. There very sweet but not too much so and there’s nice vanilla tones. I’m not sure how but they manage to have cake like taste to them.




Carbs:17 (fibre:1)



The macro split is pretty good and I like the fact they didn’t pack these things full of fibre.

The ingredients list is pretty good quality too. The protein coming from a whey concentrate / isolalate blend.

The only negative I could find here was some dodgy instructions on how to use the bars: “consume up to 3 bars per day between meals with appropriate fluid intake” (no explanation why) if you can manage to ignore that nonsense these are a very good and pretty satisfying bar, well worth trying if your not a chocolate fan.


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