Jim buddy’s high protein doughnut. Chocolate orange flavour.

Appearance: 🔹 About a regular dice for a doughnut, these are chocolate coloured cake with a chocolate icing and orange stripes. Looks really impressive overall. There also slightly sticky to the touch which is good.

Texture🔹: The icing has a great, slightly crunchy texture but the actual doughnut is just a little on the dry side.

Taste🔹: The icing has a nice sweetness to it but it’s lacking a little in terms of orange flavour, you really have to concentrate to notice it although I could pick out some orange zest. The doughnut itself is sweet but a little on the bland side overall.




Carbs:20 (fibre8)



The macro split isn’t bad and for 99 kcal you get a sizeable doughnut but what really surprised me was the ingredients list: pumpkin, wheat flour, coconut oil, orange zest and the protein comes from whey isolate. All really high quality ingredients.

There is an issue with how dry these are but you’ll have to bear in mind the fact these are made in the U.K and shipped. So this one is at least 2-4 days old (the sell by date was the same day I bought it) and still pretty good. I’m sure if you can pick these up fresh they’d be a hell of a lot better. 7/10

A whole doughnut for under 100kcal is impressive and a well put together product overall.

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