Fulfil triple chocolate deluxe.

Appearance: 🔹 Pretty average sized for a 55g bar. These have a white chocolates coating with crispy bumps across the surface and a dense fudgy centre.

Texture🔹: The coating cracks nicely and the crispy bumps give a nice crunch. The centre has a good amount of chew but not too much its almost fudge like. Really good.

Taste🔹: The coating is creamy with a really good white chocolate flavour the centre is sweet with a nought taste to it. Good overall




Carbs:15 (fibre3)



The macro split is good as it is with all fulfils bars. The ingredients list is also good, the protein is soy based and they’ve used proper

cocoa and cocoa butter. They’ve also added 9 vitamins which is a bonus.

I did really like these overall every element of this bar works really well but besides the excellent coating there wasn’t much of as much of a chocolate taste as the name would suggest I was expecting a bit more. Still a solid choice though. 8.5/10

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