Fulfil lemon zinger.

Appearance: 🔹 About average size bar at 55g these have a white chocolate coating with a layer of crispies across the top in a bumpy pattern and a soft nought type centre.

Texture🔹: The crispy bits they’ve added to the top give a nice crunch and the centre is soft and crumbly centre with just the right amount of chew. I even noticed the inclusion of lemon peak that gives a subtle chew. Really good overall.

Taste🔹: There’s a great citrus flavour initially that’s perfectly balanced by the bars sweetness and the coating has a nice creaminess. Overall all the elements work really well together.




Carbs:20 (fibre:0.1)



It’s another well thought out bar from fulfil. They’ve clearly taken their time to nail these all these new flavours and it shows.

Lemon probably isn’t going to be everyone’s thing but I liked this one a lot. It’s a refreshing change from the chocolate and well worth trying. The attention to detail really shows in the ingredients list: cocoa butter, lemon peal etc.


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