Weider Yippee salted caramel flavour

Weider Yippee salted caramel flavour

Appearance: 🔹 A bit on the small side at 45g these have an interesting chocolate pattern across the top. A layer of crispy cookie type pieces, a caramel layer that runs down the centre and chewy nought base.. Texture🔹: The chocolate cracks on biting, the caramel layer is almost liquid and the centre has a really good chew to it.

Taste🔹: Really good. The caramel comes through really well the chocolate coating is spot on and the whole bar is perfectly sweetened. Good marks all round.




Carbs:17 (fibre:0)



It’s a really good macro split but it’s worth bearing in mind these are quite a bit smaller then your average protein bar. Which of course some people will appreciate while others won’t. It’s maybe a shame that they used collagen hydrolysate a protein source which make these off limits for the vegetarian market.

It’s a good all rounder that doesn’t really have any major flaws. Worth picking up.


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