Staxx chocolate caramel flavour bar.

Some of you might remember a long time ago I was sent a single unbranded protein bar for review. It was the beta version of a new bar still in the development stage and I want really allowed to talk about it.

Well here it is in its finished form (the @proteindynamix team described these as “carb killa killers”): Staxx chocolate caramel flavour bar.

Appearance: 🔹 slightly shorter then average but a thick bar at 60g. These have a thick layer of chocolate and cookie type prices, a layer of rice crispies, a thick caramel layer and finally a nought centre. (There’s a lot going on here)

Texture🔹: Big crunch on first bite, these are pretty thick to bite into which does give them a satisfying feel. It’s nice to see that they managed to keep the puffed rice crispy. The chocolate coating is spot on and melts as it should. The caramel comes in a thick chewy layer instead of thin sticky one like with carb killer. The centre is nought like with the right amount of chew.

Taste🔹: The chocolate coating is spot on, the massive amounts of crispy bits give a a great blend of textures with the chewy caramel and centre and their sweet without being overly sweet. There’s the right amount of chew and all the elements work well together.




Carbs:19 (fibre16)



These are a seriously impressive bar. Almost chocolate bar standards here. It’s obvious after eating one that they’ve spent a long time in development. There’s lots of elements here and they nail them all pretty much perfectly.

The final version is way better than the beta bar I was sent and Mrs_Thebeltsander even stated that this was “the best protein bar I’ve ever tried ”

If your a fan of lion bars or toffee crisp bars then theses are an absolute must try.

Really hard to fault and practically chocolate bar status. Carb killa isn’t worried they should be.


Huge thanks to mike and the @proteindynamix team for allowing me to be part of the project.

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