Grenade Carb killer chocolate chip cookie dough flavour

Appearance: 🔹 About average sized bar at 60g milk chocolate coating with a layer of large crispy bits, a thick layer of caramel, some impressively sized chocolate chips and finally a cookie dough like centre.

Texture🔹: The chocolate cracks on biting and the caramel is very sticky and has a sticks to your teeth quality which I quite like. The centre really does have a cookie dough feel to it, there’s also specs of biscuit throughout which adds a nice crunch to the texture.

Taste🔹: Really good. The caramel is really good, sweet and and there’s plenty of it, the nougat centre has a sweet, vanilla cookie taste. It’s a truly impressive bar.




Carbs:15 (fibre:6.9)



This flavour is also graced with those magic carb killa macros. It always impresses me how they manage to keep all the macro profiles very similar.

Low sugar and a still a decent amount of fibre for under 15 carbs. While the changes to this flavour are subtle they do work really well. I really like the fact they went all out with the massive chocolate chips and they nailed the cookie dough texture pretty much spot on.

It very hard to fault. Grenades carb killas are fast becoming the gold standard to which all other bars are measured and they’ve got the formula right with this one again.


A damn good example of what a protein bar should be.

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