Weider all American cookie dough protein cookie

Appearance: 🔹These things are ginormous. I pictured it next to a 20c coin to give a sense of scale. Their 90g but look a lot more. They have a chocolate striped pattern across the whole cookie. Please note: I did not smash it, it got broke in the mail due tho their formidable size.

Texture🔹: Really crumbley and crunchy. (They actually snap when you break them) I was expecting a Larry and Lenny soft baked style cookie but they went for the crunchy style. Might be a tad dry for some people and it would have been nice to see some chips in there but I really liked them, really impressive overall

Taste🔹: Really good, strong vanilla flavour thouhout and they’ve got the sweetness spot on. Again some chips or chunks would have been a freat addition but overall good again.




Carbs:38 (fibre:?)



Let’s address the obvious here, that’s a pretty hefty macro split, 23g fat is definitely going to be off putting for some and the 17g sugar isn’t helping. At 445kcal these are pretty much in meal replacement territory.

Bur then again these are not intended to be an alternative to say carb killas. It’s obvious that Weider is targeting Lenny and Larry with these. Their both Giant protein cookies with similar macros and are both vegan friendly. But at least Weider was forthcoming about the nutritional information on theirs.

Personally I prefer this style to Lenny and Larry’s soft baked style. If you like L&Ls cookies these are definitely a worthy alternative worth checking out.


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