FCB Big bite protein pro, Almond brownie flavour: (nope I’ve never heard of them either)

Appearance: 🔹slightly on the small side at 45g these have a chocolate coating with crispys across the top, biscuit pieces throughout, a nought type base and a creamy centre, lots going on with these.

Texture🔹: The biscuits pieces add a great crunch as do the crispys and the centre has a nice chew to it. It’s pretty impressive blend to be honest. Did not notice any almonds though.

Taste🔹: Really good, there’s a strong vanilla flavour throughout and the chocolate although thin is spot on. The biscuits prices are really good and the centre is creamy. There sweet but not overly so. Absolutely no hint of almond though which is a bit disappointing.




Carbs:15 (fibre:?)



Unfortunately all the ingredients and nutritional information is in German but here’s what I could manage to decipher:

Ingredients for the most part are good quality, real milk chocolate, cocoa butter and maltitol

As sweetner but the protein comes from a cheap gelatine, soy, collagen blend which is a bit disappointing. Apparently they do have 4% almonds in there for the life of me I couldn’t find them (and I was really trying)

I’ll be honest, I picked these up going through the checkout in Lidl and really wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised overall. These are complex little bars which get a lot of things right but cheap out on some of the ingredients. The naming was also a bit off. Shame really because they had tonnes of potential.


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