Zero bar raspberry cheesecake flavour

Zero bar raspberry cheesecake flavour

Appearance: 🔹Not overall pleasant to look at, these are light pink in colour with white chips throughout.

Texture🔹: Very crumbly and soft with a small amount of chew and the chips give a slight contrast of texture. There's a kind of slimy, manufactured feel to it overall.

Taste🔹: pretty awful. These are bland as hell initially and then your greeted with a very synthetic raspberryish taste. Very unpleasant overall.

Carbs:6 (fibre:6)

Ingredients wise those actually quite good, they've made effort to include whey isolate as part of the protein blend, no E numbers and their sweetened with stevia instead of aspartame.

I can see where biotech was going with these: 0 sugar, 0 carbs (outside of fibre) 0 aspartame.
But the bar tastes awful and has this slimy, waxy feel to it. I can still see it on my phones screen as I type this. It's what I imagine eating a bar of floral soap would be like. What were you thinking @biotechusa ?? 1.5/10
Good idea poorly executed, avoid.

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