Fulfil cookies & cream v2.0.

I don’t really really revisit bars often but I feel it’s warranted here, I was really impressed when @fulfil_nutrition Got in touch with me off the back of a negative review I posted on their first version of this bar. I was even more impressed with how much they improved the bar following our discussion.

Appearance: 🔹 These have a hefty feel to them for a 55g bar. They have two cookie layers with a creamy filling in the centre (think oreo) and dark chocolate coating.
Texture🔹: Much improved over the old bar, they do have an initial crunch and nice amount of chew but the super dry, gritty texture that effected the old bar is gone. 

Taste🔹: Really good dark chocolate flavour overall, the creamy centre works really well and these have the right amount of sweetness.



Carbs:14 (fibre11.4)


The macro split is good as it is with all fulfils bars. The ingredients list is also good, the protein is soy based and they’ve used proper cocoa and cocoa butter. They’ve also added 9 vitamins which is a bonus.
I really disliked the first version of this bar. It was way too dry and gritty. I had the pleasure of speaking to the guys who created the bar and they explained that they decided to half coat them to keep them under 200kcal. We spoke about fully coating them to improve they’re texture and it really has worked. 

This flavour has gone from a disappointment to one of the best in their line up. Definitely worth trying if you’re a dark chocolate fan.

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