Scimx pro 2 go, cookies and cream oat bake.

Appearance: 🔹Flapjack style bar, a bit on the small side at 50g. These have cookie pieces throughout, topped with whole oats and are half dipped in a creamy or be it thin coating.
Texture🔹: Slightly on the dry side, could have used a bit more of that coating but I guess overall calories were a factor. Good crunch from the oats. Overall not bad.
Taste🔹: A little on the bland side. Not unpleasant but it could have done with a bit more oomph. There is a nice creaminess from the coating but again not quite enough of it.



Carbs:19 (fibre2.5)


Not a bad macro split the protein coming from an odd combination of milk, hydrolysed wheat, hydrolysed collagen and soy. Overall these are a little on the dry side and lack flavour but they do get the basics right and are worth a shot if your a lover of flapjacks.

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