PHD smart bar choc peanut flavour.

Appearance: 🔹 These look good. Milk chocolate coating plenty of crispy bits, a good amount of caramel and a soft nought centre.
Texture🔹: Soft and chewy centre with a really good crunch. The milk chocolate coating melts and the caramel layer is sticky and sweet.
Taste🔹: The milk chocolate coating is really good and peanut flavour does come through well. It’s subtle and doesn’t overpower the other elements. Their not overly sweet either, really well balanced.



Carbs:24 (fibre?)


The macro split is pretty good. The ingredients list is also good but the protein again comes from a disappointing blend of milk (which could be anything), collagen and soya. Slightly disappointing they didn’t co which whey or a whey blend.
All things considered I really enjoyed this one and I’d happily invest in a box. @phdnutritionuk continue to put out decent products
While not overly sweet you do have to respect the fact they’ve made a product with less then a half gram of sugar


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