My IIFYM / Flexible dieting shopping list.

Here is my staple shopping list of my favourite IIFYM / Flexible dieting groceries:


Blacks organic cocoa:

While it may be pricier than some other brands, I’m a big fan of this stuff, I think it’s hands down the best quality cocoa available and it makes all the difference in flavour.

Powdered stevia:

Stevia is about 100 to 300 times sweeter than sugar, and has no carbohydrates, calories, or artificial ingredients. It’s also completely organic which it makes it the holy grail of sweeteners. Just try not to overuse it or it’ll turn the flavour bitter.

A big ass cauliflower:

A big ass cauliflower when blitzed in the food processor will make about a weeks worth of cauliflower rice. 400g cauliflower rice is about 100kcal. Serious volume.

Hartleys sugar free jelly powder (jello)

1 giant serving of this stuff works out at around 6-10kcal. It’s always good to have some on hand but don’t buy the individual pots because they work out far too expensive.


Another great ingredient for adding volume to meals. While they might not be to everyones taste, 100g works out around 22kcals

Old El Paso corn tortillas:

The corn variety is important, their far lower in carbs than the flour wraps. These work out at around 13 carbs per wrap.

Unsweetened almond milk:

This is a no brainier. As a milk replacement this stuff works out at only 24kcal per 100mls.

Spray oil:

At only 1kcal per spray this won’t do much for flavour but it’ll stop food sticking to your pan.

Plain 0% fat Greek yogurt :

The possibilities here are endless, it’ll lend moisture to anything baked and can add creaminess to everything from desserts to curry. It’s also pretty high protein. I usually go with Liberte or Fage.

Reduced sugar ketchup.

If your the type to squeeze ketchup onto absolutely everything than this is for you. It works out at roughly half the calories of regular ketchup and scarifies nothing in flavour.

Salt and vinegar rice cakes:

I’m pretty much addicted to these things, I’ve always got some on hand and at 33kcal each they deliver big flavour for few calories.

Robinson’s Sugar free concentrated squash or any sugar free water enhancer:

Makes water intake fun for about 3kcal per 250mls.


Happy shopping,


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