Aster wrist wrap review.

I’ve never been a big wrap/sleeve guy but although my experience is limited I do know I want from my lifting gear and thats functionality and quality. If it can’t serve its purpose or its not built to last, I don’t want it in my gym bag. I like that unbreakable feel from my gym gear, and cars, furniture, and pretty much everything else I buy.

So with that in mind heres my opinion on wraps and a review of the Aster wrist wraps:

Aster Athletic is a small company that (at the minute) makes one product, Wrist wraps. I kind of like the fact that they have decided to focus their efforts on one thing rather than a whole host of equipment and that shows in their attention to detail here.

Every set of wraps sold comes with a little printed guide on how to use wrist wraps, which is a nice personal touch. Out of the package these have that “feels like it’s never going to break” about them that I like. The stitching looks great.
They fabric is stretchy like elastic which allows the fit to range from fairly loose and comfortable to I can feel my fingers tight. 
You can of course wear wrist wraps though any workout but where these things really shine is on heavy pushing movements such as Overhead press and bench. They inspire confidence with a feeling of stablility around the wrist joints. They won’t add kgs to your lifts but they’ll definitely help with injury prevention.

Overall I really like these, I also spent a bit of time talking to the guys from the Aster team and they seem like friendly, people who are passionate about their product.These wraps have earned their place in my gym bag.
For those looking to check them out they can definitely do here:
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