Bad ass zero bar. Chocolate cake flavour.

Appearance: 🔹 Standard sized 60g bar. Dark chocolate coating with a thick nougat centre and a layer of crispys.
Texture🔹: Fudgy and dense with a good amount of chew, almost too much chew but not quite jaw workout standards. The crispy bits give a nice blend of texture. Not bad but to call it chocolate cake might be a bit of stretch
Taste🔹: Good, strong dark chocolate flavour. Not overly sweet and pretty present overall. The chocolate coating is excellent and melts as it should.

Carbs:23 (fibre12)

The macro split is really good, the protein comes from a cheap milk, gelatine, soya blend. To be fair this bar does a lot of things right: flavour is good, textures not bad and the macro split is really good.

Some of the marketing is a bit naff though. They’ve clearly tried to appeal the younger market with the “bad ass” name and even putting slogans such as “eat clean train dirty” “next generation bar” (whatever that means) and I’m not entirely sure where the zero name came from.

They also include instructions: “consume before and after a workout or as a snack” in case you were unsure what to do with your next generation bar??


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