Chopped honey crisp protein bar.

Appearance: 🔹 There’s a real homemade feel to these which is pretty refreshing. They look like a densely packed bar with a chocolate topping and chunks of honeycomb and peanuts visible throughout. I really like the homemade printed label and loose plastic wrapping.

Texture🔹: Very crumbly a bit on the dry side and ends up being a powdery. Nice crunch from the honeycomb and peanuts.

Taste🔹: initially these are very very sweet. The peanut flavour comes through really well but there’s not a major amount of honey comb pieces in there.

Carbs:36 (fibre?)

Ingredients wise these are pretty good, some good quality ingredients and nothing too alarming but the macro split.

There’s a whopping 21g sugar in each one that’ll definitely cause concern for some people.

These aren’t perfect, their produced exclusively for the chopped salad bar chain (which I’m assuming is pretty small scale production, they come in a plastic wrap (no fancy foil here) and with less than a month shelf.
All things considered I really enjoyed these, they’re a nice break from the norm but I doubt they’ll ever become a regular in my own diet.


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