Scimx pro 2 go choc chip protein brownie.


Appearance: 🔹 small but thick and very dense
at 65g cake like chocolate brownie with chocolate chunks throughout.

Texture🔹: pretty good, dense and chewy like a brownie should be but a little on the dry side. The chocolate chunks give a nice contrast of textures.

Taste🔹: Again not bad. The cocoa flavour does come through but slightly on the bland side. The chocolate chunks are really good and the sweetness level is spot on.


As far as brownies go these were pretty good, with a decent macro split. Very satisfying For 250kals. There’s nothing unpleasant hiding isn’t the ingredients either. They’ve also managed to keep the sugar down to 3.3g per brownie.

Scimex is a company that’s surprising me lately, they’ve really been upping their bar game. Worth checking out of brownies are your thing.


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