PhD pro oat cookie Black Forest flavour.

Appearance: 🔹 fairly large at 75g, looks nice and dense with white chocolate chips throughout and it’s nice to see the addition of real dried cherries. 
Texture🔹: Not bad, they manage to be dense and moist but something in there is a bit gritty and sort of let’s it down.
Taste🔹: Again not bad. The chocolate flavour comes through well but there’s a bit too much cherry flavour. It overpowers everything else and comes across as synthetic as a result. 




Carbs:25 (fibre:2)

Sugar: 7

Not a bad macro split with a good chunk of protein, although it comes from a mix of mixture of hydrolysed gelatine and milk protein. (Bit on the cheap side)
After reading the ingredients list it turns out there are in fact no cherries in these, the dried fruit is actually cranberries. Why PhD? Why not just use actual dried cherries and then there would be no need for the artificial flavourings? (My guess is it was cheaper this way) maybe I’m just old fashioned in my thinking?

Overall it had potential but they’ve tried to cut costs and the product comes across as a bit cheap and cheerful as a result. There’s better cookies out there.

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