Aldi (yes Aldi) Hike protein bar. Cocoa.

Appearance: 🔹 Very small at 55g these are dense, crumbly and flapjack like in appearance with crispy bits visible throughout.
Texture🔹: Not bad, soft and crumbly with a good chew, there’s good crunch from the crispies scattered throughout for a blend of textures.
Taste🔹: Again not bad. Really fruity from all the dates with a subtle cocoa flavour. Although dried fruit and chocolate is a bit of an odd combination.




These aren’t amazing by any standard. They’re not as “protein packed” as the wrapper would suggest and the flavour profile is a bit odd, almost afterthought like. There are other flavours which might make more sense but their one doesn’t.
These are pretty clearly a cheap copycat trek bar but credit where it’s due, the taste and texture aren’t bad for something you can pick up in an Aldi checkout queue.

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