Musclepharm combat crunch, white chocolate raspberry flavour

Appearance: 🔹 Feels a bit over average size for a 63g bar. White chocolate coating with a pleasing red stripe pattern.

Texture🔹: Great blend of textures with crunchy bits, crispy bits, and a very chewy centre. A little too chewy though these are a bit on the tough side and a bit of a jaw workout.

Taste🔹: Really good. Perfectly sweetened with a good strong but not synthetic raspberry flavour. There’s a nice creaminess from the white chocolate coating.

Carbs:25 (fibre:12g)
Sugar: 5

A really good quality product overall. They’ve really nailed the flavour, (I even had raspberry seeds in my teeth) and done so with some pretty solid macros. These are a very satisfying bar.

The only problem I find with muscle pharm products is that they tend to be very overpriced, (in Europe at least) so much so that they tend to price themselves out of the market in my opinion. Which is a shame because they make some damn good bars.

Great example of what a quality product should look like

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