Maxi nutrition pro max lean, lean definition (that’s actually the name, sounds more like a television than a protein bar) dark chocolate flavour.

Against better judgment but in the interests of research:

Appearance: 🔹Fairly average size with a thick nought centre and a very thin dark chocolate coating. The overall appearance looks a bit cheep.
Texture:🔹 Very rubbery. You chew and chew but it seems to just never break down, it hung hangs around for far too long. Reminds me of the old school protein bars.
Taste🔹: Actually not bad. The dark chocolate coating is spot on although there isn’t enough of it and overall the bar is the right amount of sweet.
Note: they only list the macros per 100g and not per bar (60g) unlike every other food product in the world. Meaning you’ll have to break out the calculator to track them. For a bar so obviously aimed at dieters you’d think they’d do themselves a favour and list the macros per bar.



Carbs:18.7 (fibre:4)


The macros are ok but there’s a lot of sugar in here for a regular sized protein bar. This bar also comes with maxi nutritions bizarre list of instructions (that right folks, a protein bar with instructions) recommending you: “eat 2 bars daily, one after training and one between meals”. Everything about this product seems like an afterthought and not very well thought out. The wrapper claims it has high quality protein (whey and collagen) which supports lean muscle definition and caffeine for improved focus and alertness. These have 125g caffeine, 42mg green tea extract and 3.3g L-Carnitine Why? It’s like they used every supplement in the bro science book of dieting in the hopes of being more appealing to those trying to lose weight.
I could go on and on but I’ll leave at that. It gets a 2 because it didn’t taste awful and I was able to digest so it can technically be classed as food

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