Grenade reload Chocolate orange flavour flapjack .

Appearance: 🔹 On the large side, chocolate coloured flapjack with oats visible throughout.
Texture:🔹 Very good. Seriously moist and soft, it literally falls apart. They’ve changed the flapjack recipe and I’m not sure what they’ve done differently with this one but it works. There a nice crunch from the oats and some crispy bits thrown in to give a nice blend of textures.
Taste🔹: Really good, very sweet with a faint chocolate flavour the orange is very subtle though. So subtle it’s hardly noticeable.



Carbs:31.4 (fibre:6)


The macros aren’t great. Over 300 kcal with under 20g of protein (which now seems to be the industry standard) isn’t that impressive. The high fat content and almost 10g sugar won’t impress most people either.
If your looking for a great tasting flapjack and macros aren’t an issue for you you’ll be hard pressed to find better than this. Just don’t expect a massive orange flavour.

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