Kinetica fruit and nut crisp pro protein bar.

Appearance: 🔹 Very small and light bar at 40g. Rice Krispy square like appearance with a half yogurt coating. Plenty of nuts visible throughout but no fruit to be seen.

Texture🔹: Not bad. Very crispy as expected with the nuts giving a nice crunch. A little bit in the dry side. Fully coating it might have helped.
Taste🔹: Not bad, perfectly sweetened. The nuts come through really well but a bit bland overall.



Carbs:14 (fibre 4.3)


Macros are pretty poor less than 10g of protein for 180kcal isn’t great and 9.4g fat and 5g sugar for this tiny bar is worse.
The complete lack of fruit and bland flavour doesn’t help matters either. After reading the ingredients the only fruit listed here is 4% dates. (Hardly worth mentioning in the title) 

On the plus side these are suitable for vegetarians but there’s far better opinions out there.

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