Quest rocky road flavour bar.

Another morning, another protein bar review:
Quest rocky road flavour bar.
Appearance: 🔹 Standard sized quest style bar (60g) chocolate coloured bar with plenty of white chocolate chunks and almond pieces visible throughout.
Texture🔹: Nice soft texture, reminds me a lot of the s’mores flavour quest. Plenty of white chocolate like chunks as well as almond chunks give a nice blend of textures.
Taste🔹: Not bad. Flavour is also very similar to the s’mores flavour but with a hint of chocolate. Is also nice to see some crunchy almond making an appearance.



Carbs:20 (fibre 13)


The 9g of fat for a protein bar will probably upset some but all things considered this is a really solid choice in protein bar, reasonably balanced macros, good texture and tastes better than the macros would suggest.
I always find quest to be a bit hit and miss bit credit where it’s due, this is a really good flavour. If you were a fan of s’mores this definitely won’t disappoint.

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