How to order smart at Domino’s and not destroy your macros.

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while now, mainly because I get the same questions repeatedly on Instagram. “How are those macros correct” “Where can I get this information” and so on…

So I’ll attempt to explain how I think is the best way to go about ordering a Dominos without destroying your macros.

Please note: the following information is for Dominos Ireland, the information/menu might be different for your country so you might have to check for variations. (Please don’t send me angry emails, I have no control over it)

Dominos allow for a range of options, for pizza based you can choose:

  • Classic crust 
  • Double decadence 
  • Pan pizza
  • Italian style 
  • Thin and crispy

The base I’ll normally choose is Italian, the reason being it’s still a good base with far better macros than the classic.

Thin and crispy does have slightly better macros again but it’s really not a good base in my opinion.

They also allow for the option of:

  • Regular mozzarella 
  • “Delight” mozzarella.

I’ll normally choose the regular mozzarella and here’s why:

For this example I’ve chosen to use their American hot (because it was the first on the menu)

As you can see the Delight option does have fewer calories on a regular base but when it comes to the Italian base it actually contains more calories. (20 kcal per slice)

Its also much higher in carbs (3.9g per slice) and the difference it makes to the fat? ( only 0.1g per slice) 

Not looking so delightful anymore is it?

So there you have it, with a few minor adjustments you could be saving:




Protein:-1.2 (you are loosing 1.2g per slice, but have a protein shake or something and your all good)

Click on the pizza below to be taken to their website which has nutritional info for all their UK and Ireland menu items:


I don’t recommend eating Dominos on a daily basis even if it does fit your macros, always prioritise nutrient dense foods regardless of your goals. (Besides it would get really expensive)

Now go eat some pizza,


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