The Beltsander’s Holiday gift guide:


Stuck for ideas of what to get your favourite gym rat? Look no further, I’ve compiled a list of awesome gifts to suit any budget.

Under €10:

Bison chalk ball


I make a chalk order about once a year and I love this stuff.

While chalk isn’t to everyones taste, It’ll put a smile on most meatheads faces for under €10

Available from Rogue fitness for €8

(shameless plug)

The Beltsander’s cookbook vol 1+2:

IMG_9160        Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 22.45.32

Available now from my website…

If your buying as a gift for somebody else simply pay and forward the link to them so they can download it.

Recipe eBooks

€50 Range:

Doorway pull up bar:


One of the few (in my opinion) cheap, effective pieces of training equipment for your home. This pull up bar requires no screws or nails to install, it installs right into your door frame due to its design. For €25 its a pretty sound investment.images

Just beware the naff crunch and odd tricep exercises the manufacture would recommend you use it for.Grenade carb killa banana armour:

14591054_373331229722293_7464259359191597056_n_largeThese are the new limited addition flavour protein bars from Grenade. Grenade make some quality bars and this flavour is no exception. Guaranteed to make any gym bunny happier than a selection box for €38.99
A7 bargrip shirt.


I love mine and I get a lot of use from it. Theres also something nice about standing out from the crowd of nike, adidas, under armour wearers at the gym.

€100 Range:

Adipower Powerlift 3.0 shoes


I already own a pair of Adipowers and I absolutely love them. In fact training without them now is a bit of a struggle as my balance is improved so much by the risen heal. €99 might be a lot ask for a shoe that you can’t really walk around in but after a coupe of sessions it’ll all make sense.

€200 Range:

Fitbit charge 2:


I reviewed the charge 2 a little while ago and loved it. It’s an improvement over the first charge in almost every way.

Pair this great hardware with they’re incredible software and you’ve got a great product overall.


Jabra sport coach bluetooth headphones :


I reviewed these a couple of moths ago and loved them, the technology in them is really staggering. They can track you movement, count reps and offer some serious quality in terms of comfort and sound quality.

Jaybird x3:


Jaybirds brand new sports headset focus on quality sound and long battery life, Ive tried the X2s and thought they were stunning so if they’re anything to go by the new smaller model shoud be a sound investment.


€500 Range:

Apple Watch2 Nike+

Apple’s second edition of the widely popular Apple Watch. This one comes with bit in GPS for accurate tracking of outdoor pursuits and is water proof enough to bring to swimming. It’s also faster than its predecessor and can be customised with its catalog of 8500 apps.


Besides being an absolutely stunning looking device, this Nike+ edition comes with a ventilated strap, Nike + run club app and exclusive Nike faces.


SBD Lever belt:


This is SBDs new entry into the lever belt market and while powerlifting belts aren’t generally suppose to aesthetically pleasing, this thing is one fine looking piece of equipment. It features a gliding buckle which allows you to adjust the size effortlessly without having to unscrew it from the belt. It is pricey at €199 but I’m pretty sure you’ll only ever need one of these as this belt will last longer than you do.

Money is no object:

Onnit primal bells

Kettle bells seem to be going through a revival lately but wether or not you’re into kettle bell training I think we can all agree, these are among the most badass looking pieces of gym equipment available.


Although they are expensive and postage prices are of course ridiculous given they’re weight they just had to make the list. I mean c’mon the rock owns a set….


Now you’re just showing off:

Eleiko Powerlifting competition set:


Many consider Elekiko to be the gold standard of lifting equipment. The plates are micro calibrated so you can be sure that 200kg deadlift is in fact 200kg

They’re bars also come with a lifetime warranty.

You can be sure that any company that’s provided weights for the Olympic Games is making some quality equipment .

This one will set you back $2,550 and for that you get 185kg, so you might need plates more depending on your needs….

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