Quest blueberry muffin flavour.

Appearance: 🔹 This is an interesting one, typical quest sized bar (60g) with whole blueberries visible throughout and large biscuit chunks.
Texture:🔹 This one has the crumbly similar to the quest s’mores bar. The blueberry pieces giving a nice chew and the large biscuit chunks give a great crunch.
Taste🔹: Really good. They really manage to nail the blueberry flavour, it comes through strongly without being overpowering or synthetic. The massive biscuit chunks are spot on, sweet and crumbly and plenty of them.



Carbs:22 (fibre:14)


I honestly find quest to be a bit hit and miss but this is a really good, unique bar. The ingredients list also reads like a homemade product with cocoa butter, baking powder, dried blueberries and cinnamon all making an appearance. This is also one of the bars that manages to do the soluble corn fibre thing really well.
The blueberry flavour along with the great crumbly texture throughout really does remind remind me of a good blueberry muffin. I even had blueberry seeds in my teeth. Definitely worth trying of your sick of the chocolate, chocolate/peanut butter flavour bars.
Massive thanks to the folks from @supsbox for sending me this on for review.
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