The Beltsander’s Christmas Temple Street fund

  • screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-18-56-37I’m going to be a bit serious for a moment but bear with me here:
    I’ve been very lucky this year. I’ve had an amazing 2016 from running a somewhat successful online business to the birth of my healthy and happy daughter.
    Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to have healthy and happy children and some of them end up in care at the Temple Street children’s hospital in Dublin Ireland.I believe that all businesses no matter how small should give something back to their community.
    So this month I will donating 100% of my income (eBook sales) to the Temple Street hospital.

So if you buy a book between now and 22/12/2016 that money will go straight to them. Not a percentage of the sales, not a portion of the profits, everything, every penny and cent.
How will the cash be used?
Cash donated will help pay for specialist toys that help children in their rehabilitation, awaking senses to light, sound, smell and touch, and generally making Christmas a bit better for the children and their parents who’ll have to spend it in hospital.

What’s the catch?
There is none. No catch you (or a friend if it’s a present) get an ebook full of macro friendly, tasty recipes, children in hospital get toys and we all make some karma gains. Every time I sell a book 100% of the sales go into my idonate fund.

If you feel like helping out by making a personal donation to the fund you can do so on my idonate page:

Or hitting the link in my bio above. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.
you can also check the progress of the fundraising for those interested in how it’s going. I’ll post again on 22/12/16 showing how much we’ve raised.

A big, massive thank you in advance to anyone who buys a book or donates in the next 22 days.
Much love,


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