BSN syntha 6, Edge double chocolate brownie flavour.

Appearance: 🔹 Theres a pretty hefty feel to these bars for 66g. They have a fairly thick chocolate coating on a dense fudgy centre. See the white coloured lumps on the top? Their almond chunks. Nowhere on the front label did it mention anything about almonds. For the record, I like almond but it would have been nice to be informed of that fact.
Texture🔹: Very dense, chewy and fudgy, has a sticks to your teeth quality that I quite liked. The almond chunks also add a nice crunch.
Taste🔹: Not bad. The chocolate coating is spot on, it cracks on biting and melts away. This one didn’t have that weird aftertaste the vanilla fudge flavour suffered from.



Carbs:20 (fibre 7.5)


The macro split isn’t bad and the are very dense and satisfying for 230 kcal but I think 9.2g fat for a protein bar will definitely be too high for some. The protein comes from a whey concentrate and although the chocolate coating tastes great it’s actually just a milk chocolate flavour coating as oppose to real chocolate 

This bar gets a lot of things right, the chocolate coating and the fudgy texture. They do manage to keep the sugar pretty low for how sweat it is.

Now onto the almonds.

Why BSN would you not clearly state that on the label? And I’m not just picking fault here it’s nowhere to be seen on the front label, not in the name of the favour (example almond brownie) not in the bars description, it’s literally only ever mentioned in the ingredients. If you’ve got an allergy and you didn’t read this very carefully you’d be in for an unpleasant surprise. 


Anaphylactic shocker.

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